8 Best Crypto Games To Play And Earn 2022

July 5, 2022 by No Comments

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This article will explore seven of the best play-to-earn cryptogames in 2022, covering why they are so popular and how they could evolve going forward. ICE Poker is a virtual poker game that takes place in the Decentraland metaverse. You can bet and win real cryptocurrency by playing, and the platform offers tournaments with crypto prizes for top players. Given how crypto games are heavily dependent on the game market, it is also important to address the liquidity levels in these markets.

Within Splinterlands, players can build a powerful deck of cards and use these cards to battle other players. There are also daily quests to complete, which reward players with Dark Energy Crystals ($DEC), Splinterland’s native token. Finally, players can also receive DEC by ‘burning’ their trading cards – reducing the total supply and increasing the value of the remaining cards. Each card is minted to the Ethereum blockchain, allowing God’s Unchained players to trade cards seamlessly using $GODS – the game’s native token.

Browse our website to learn more about current and upcoming play-to-earn games, and join our Discord community to chat with other players. The play2earn model allows players to receive in-game currencies for their actions, which can be traded for real-life money. Mythical Games was, of course, already a household name well before entering the crypto gaming market with Blanks. This game allows you to create your colorful characters in the form of digital vinyl toys, with a focus on customized designs.

Silks Avatars are crucial components of the project as they will serve to represent each player’s unique identity and the ownership of their in-game assets within the Silks metaverse. They will also provide their holders with additional benefits including airdrops, exclusive rewards, and guaranteed access to the Silks Horse Mint later this summer. The opportunity to get early access to the Silks Genesis Avatar Mint is now being offered on the Silks website, silks.io. Plant vs Undead is a relaxed play-to-earn crypto game for players that aren’t all that interested in combat games. While there are some aspects of combat in this game – you occasionally have to defend your plants against attacks by the undead – you mainly get to focus on building up your farm and raising rare NFT plants. Each player gets a virtual NFT tank, which you can use to battle other players in all-out combat.

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