Acoustic Guitars: Electro-Acoustic Guitars

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An acoustic guitar is basically a musical instrument from the string family containing strings fixed to a hollow body, with a tuning mechanism that enables it to produce sound when struck by an instrument player’s fingers. The strings of the acoustic guitar are attached to a wooden body, which is commonly made of basswood. The body is covered in wood-colored finish like mahogany or burl, or with mother of pearl or other gems attached. It may also have a steel tuning head or a plastic tuning head, depending upon its manufacturer.

Acoustic guitars are of various types. The most commonly known ones are the classical acoustic guitars, also known as the acoustic guitars, which are famous due to their sophisticated sound and great classical music ability. Acoustic Guitars that are well-made usually come with a high price tag, but they are worth every penny spent because they can be used for playing any kind of song. Acoustic guitars are mainly used for music, but some popular acoustic guitars are used for rock music too. Most of the famous acoustic guitars are the Baroque guitar, the archtop guitar, the Renaissance guitar, the flamenco guitar, the archtop acoustic guitar and the sitar.

The traditional shape of the acoustic guitars is the “rectangle”, which is considered to be the original shape. It has a thick neck with five to six courses of fretboard to complete the complete design. Most of these guitars have a fingerboard and the other three courses are made up of the heel, the bridge and the nut. The fingerboard can be of varnished or solid wood. Let us know more about this by clicking on the given link Acoustic Guitar.

Apart, from producing a rich, mellow sound, an acoustic guitar also contains a tone control knob, which gives you the power to change the tone of your guitar instantly. It can be used with the electric guitar as well. Most of the people prefer to use the electronic sound of the acoustic guitars, because it contains a nice range of tones and sounds and it can be easily mixed with the sound of an electric guitar.

There are two types of Acoustic Guitars – those that contain electronics and those that do not. The majority of the acoustic guitars that do not contain electronics have the volume and tone knobs installed along with the body. In other words, you will find them on the side or the back of the instrument. With the introduction of electronics into the field of music, the need for the isolation of the signal has come into prominence. In other words, the isolation of the signal hole to produce an independent and distinct sound is what has contributed to the creation of the “effects” sound hole that is present in almost all electronic guitars.

Basically, the difference between an acoustic and an electro-acoustic guitar lies in the fact that an electro-acoustic guitar doesn’t need any sound hole to add effects to it. It contains two pickups which are mounted on the opposite sides of the sound hole and which generate a signal independent of both the sound coming from the amplifier and the acoustic guitar’s body. One of the advantages of using the single-pickup electronic style of acoustic guitars over the double-pickup electronic style is that the single-pickup acoustic guitars are much easier to manage and handle when playing live while the double-pickup guitars are a bit more difficult to handle and control when playing live. So, if you are looking to add effects to your live performances, you may find the single-pickup acoustic guitars to be your best option.

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