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A new London art gallery, Grove Square Galleries, offers an inviting gateway to discover and explore the many facets of London’s contemporary culture. Established in 2021, the Galleries offers an innovative programme of events and conversations, interspersed with a range of guest speakers, artist talks, and solo exhibits. At Grove Square Gallery you’ll experience contemporary culture as never seen before, whilst making new friends in an exciting and stimulating environment. The Galleries presents an eclectic range of different venues that enable visitors to see the best of London’s contemporary culture, whilst allowing them access to the major exhibitions internationally recognised as winners. These include the installations of installations, artworks, as well as the organisation of many solo shows and special events.

Overseeing an impressive fourteen thousand square feet, the Gallery is located in an urban location, in close proximity to both Hyde Park and Bloomsbury. With its blend of public and private spaces, Grove Square Galleries allows visitors to combine both worlds, making it an ideal location for exhibitions, lectures, discussions, and solo performances. Offering a dedicated programme of events, Fitzrovia Gallery presents a year round programme of dynamic conferences, master classes, and one to one exhibitions. Also running an extensive series of contemporary art workshops, the Gallery is committed to bringing together established collectors and up-and-coming artists. Visit Grove Square Galleries for more information

In collaboration with leading independent artists and architects, Fitzrovia Gallery has brought together some of the most renowned names in British contemporary art, including Jon Collins, James McClean, and Peter Carr. With a special exhibition featuring the work of eighty-nine new artists from around the world, Fitzrovia Gallery is on a mission to present British art in the most original way possible. This exhibition focuses on producing the most original and cutting edge exhibitions that highlight British creativity at its best. The subject of the exhibition is ‘The New England Colonial Arts of America’, a joint project between Fitzrovia Gallery and the Institute of Museum and Art London. Exhibiting sixty-six paintings, this exhibition presents new works by twenty-five British artists including Jon Collins, Peter Carr, and James McClean.

In keeping with its commitment to presenting artists at their most original and dynamic best, Fitzrovia Gallery is pleased to present ‘The Shapes of Sound’, a major exhibition spanning over twelve months. The work of thirty-nine artists, the exhibition is designed to celebrate the power and beauty of sound. It includes installations featuring forty-two speakers and will run throughout the year, running on schedule to coincide with the Gallery’s regular summer exhibitions. Featured installations include ‘The Shapes of Sound’, created by Jon Collins, which can be seen in its entirety courtesy of the Gallery’s website. A sixteen-channel surround sound system was built into the installation, enabling visitors to enjoy the piece at its best; this high-tech digital experience was first introduced by Fitzrovia Gallery as part of its established Galleria Suburbia programme, which aims to celebrate the link between architecture and building.

Another major feature of this solo exhibition is Jon Collins’s ‘Rubble Stones and Snowflakes’, a large-scale solo exhibition comprising of some eight thousand randomly selected photographs. The work of Collins was inspired by the natural phenomena of snowflakes and features large-scales paintings of mountain landscape, snow-covered mountains and cities. Located in the Grove Square Gallery’s dedicated Snowflake Gallery, which was designed to accommodate solo practitioners, this solo exhibition was made possible through the sponsorship of Fitzrovia Gallery, which has also joined forces with Grove Square Galleries on the adjoining Flushing Street. Other participating organisations are The British Library, The British Museum, Tate Britain, The National Gallery, The Royal Academy of Medicine, and London Toy and Model Museum. Jon Collins has exhibited in many prestigious organisations, including The Museum of Modern Art in Paris, The Saachi Museum in Tokyo, and The Museum of Arts & Design in New York.

In fact, much of the exhibition was organised to coincide with the release of the film pandemic. The movie has been panned by critics, but its popularity continues to extend across the world. The subject of the film, which depicts the human race fighting a deadly flu outbreak, lends itself perfectly to a gallery atmosphere of large-scale, contemporary painting, along with photographic illustrations of flu virus.

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