Foosball Game Tables – Providing Hours of Fun and Relaxation

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At last, it is here – the Foosball table with Five Holders. It is all that has been promised and more. At last, you get to test this out for yourself and see for yourself how well it performs. Houzz has it in black but you may choose to go with white if you wish. The table is available in four different colors: red, blue, yellow and green. The four different colors of Foosball game table with holders come in the following:

Sunnydale Decor Foosball game table with drink holders, sports arcade, soccer, # QR code. The Sunnydale design is a classic and elegant. The table top is made of dark marble and the drink holders are in solid wood. The game board is in a deluxe wood frame with a vinyl magnetic surface that is removable and washable. This table is sure to please with its beautiful appearance and exquisite details. You will love the smooth surfaces and the curved corners and the awesome graphics on the sides.

Backyard Foosball with Friends Foosball game table with holders and base is very much like the above model with the exception that it comes with a metal base and a drink holder. This makes it convenient to transport and play at your home. This is definitely much fun for the whole family and especially for the older kids. It looks just like the big outdoor playground with picnic tables around. The table includes the familiar sunnydaze tiles that make any space tropical and fun.

Woodland Fort Foosball Fortified Woodland Fort Foosball game table is perfect for rainy days or anytime you want to enjoy the outdoors. This beautiful table has been created with hardwood oak that has an attractive natural sheen. The table top is made from weather resistant red oak, but not finished. It is made in the traditional Fort design. Its sturdy legs lock into place and its legs can be locked to make it portable and easy to carry. This table is very much like a standard indoor foosball table.

Foosball Game Table Accessories The table accessory that completes your total outdoor experience is the Sun dome protective cover. This heavy duty plastic dome provides maximum UV protection against harmful UV rays and prevents fading of the plastic. This handy protective cover also comes with two mesh side panels to protect the table from rain or snow. It can be removed easily to allow you to access the inner portions of the Sun Dome for cleaning.

Foosball game tables provide hours of entertainment and relaxation. You and your family can play games outdoors anytime of the day. These tables are easy to maintain and provide years of quality play. No matter what occasion you’re planning to celebrate, you can find the right Foosball game table for your next event.

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