Free Boiler Replacement Advice

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Free Boiler Supplies What are they? Many families would be lucky to own a free boiler which would save them money on a weekly basis, keeping the family warm and comfortable. Free, subsidised and greatly subsidised replacement boilers for green homes are available through eco, a government boiler scheme that was introduced to help low-income families access home improvements to cut the cost of heating their houses, and also to cut their carbon footprint. It is absolutely free to use these, so you don’t have to pay a penny!

Tenants – landlords and councils are keen to get tenants to move onto energy efficient homes. The same applies to those renting properties. A free boiler scheme replacement scheme can work out very attractive to tenants, as the benefits may not be felt immediately but over time. For the landlord, it’s an opportunity to get new tenants into his property by offering attractive leasing options; this will, in turn, provide him with additional income. It’s a win-win situation for all concerned!

How do you find out about a boiler scheme? You should firstly contact your current energy supplier to see what offers they currently have. If you are a part of a renewable energy system such as a solar panel, you should contact your energy supplier and ask if you are eligible for a free upgrade. Usually, you will have to live in the property for at least three months before you can apply. The longer you can keep the property, the more likely you are to qualify.

How to keep your a-rated boilers working at optimum performance? Regular maintenance is vital to ensure that your devices continue to work efficiently. Most household energy suppliers offer detailed, step-by-step maintenance manuals. You may also find it useful to get in touch with your local council and ask for advice on how to care for your appliances. They will usually give you information about how to carry out regular servicing.

If you live in an older property, you may need to replace your heating systems with newer, efficient gas boiler replacement heaters. Gas heaters tend to be less expensive than electric ones, but the price will depend on your fuel bill, the size of your family and the area in which you live. Older gas boilers may not have a EcoFlage safety rating, which should be taken into account when choosing a new one. The best prices and reliability can usually be found online. There are several websites dedicated to comparing different products and allowing you to make your purchase online.

If you want to keep your existing boiler, you could consider having it serviced annually or semi-annually. Your energy suppliers will usually provide you with details on how to make your existing boiler more environmentally friendly. There are also a number of websites available from Which?, the consumer group, which allow you to compare different models with each other and find the cheapest energy prices available with the specifications you need. This helps you work out what boiler would be most cost effective to run in your home at present, as well as giving you information on the latest developments in the industry. Buying a new boiler would be one of the largest investments in your home so it is important to get advice as to which products would be best for you.

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