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If you want to get to the island of Korat, the best way to travel is by train, since you won’t have to worry about traffic or other problems. However, it can take up to 6 hours to get to the city center, so you should plan accordingly. There are two main train stations in Korat: Hua Lamphong and Saphan Taksin. From either, you can take an MRT to reach the desired destination.

There are also several ways to get ขนส่งไปโคราช from Chiang Mai to Korat. You can use a bus, train, or ferry. Taking the bus is a cheaper, quicker option than the other two. The bus is usually more comfortable than the train, and you can also enjoy reclining seats, air conditioning, and even an onboard toilet. In addition, you can purchase drinks, snacks, or light lunches on board the bus. You can also opt for a motorbike taxi, but make sure to negotiate the fare in advance.

Besides buses, you can also take a train from Bangkok to Korat. The train ride from Bangkok to Korat will take approximately two hours. You can even take an express train that stops in Korat. Most buses stop at this terminal, so you can easily compare prices. Just make sure you get a ticket at a reasonable price and choose the bus that has the best facilities. In the end, the bus journey will be more affordable than you expected!

Buses are departing from Ayutthaya every forty minutes and arrive at 01:30. Taking a bus from Ayutthaya costs approximately 133 baht for the one-hour ride. You can also take a bus from Phimai, which leaves every half hour and costs 50 baht. It takes seven hours to travel this distance. There are also buses from Ubon Ratchathani and Rayong that depart every hour from five in the morning to eight in the evening. Each bus departs at 01:30 and arrives at the Korat bus terminal, located at the Mittraphap Highway.

Taxis are available at the main bus terminals in Khorat. There is a yellow songthaew that stops at the Khorat train station and Wat Boon Night Bazaar. If you’d prefer a cheaper way to travel, you can hail a taxi directly by calling (044) 342255. If you’re not sure which taxi is available in the area, you can use the number of the tourist office in Khorat to book one.

The railway was built between Phetchaburi and Korat in 1909, but the railway between the two cities wasn’t yet completed. The section between Mongkol Borey and Aranyapratet was unfinished. Japanese forces invaded Thailand on 8 December 1941 and completed the missing link within two weeks. The railway was finally opened on 22 December. The railway connected the two cities with the help of Allied prisoners of war. The Japanese army used the eastern railway as a feeder line, but the severe jungle environment and the floods hampered construction.

The southern route didn’t depart from the main railway station in Bangkok. Instead, it had its terminus at Thonburi. The station building was designed by German architect Karl Siegfried Dohring in Brick Expressionism style. Currently, the only private bus company operating between Nakhon Ratchasima and Korat is Sri Mongkol Transport. Nevertheless, it’s worth considering the bus and ferry services when planning your trip to Korat.

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