NASA Clean Air Study

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In addition to looking patterned and colorful, these pretty plants can remove many common toxins. But if you have a space with bright filtered light, its gracefully arching leaves will make a pretty addition to the room. An increase in plants can also affect humidity and promote mold growth. You can prevent this by letting the water drain into a pan or a tray, removing excess water regularly, and using sub-irrigation planters.

And Ries, as it happened, was familiar with the original Wolverton study. I asked whether the newer science might change Tula’s recommendations. Note this stunning plant is actually toxic to pets so make sure you get clued up on the best pet-friendly Luchtzuiverende kamerplanten if you have any fur balls at home. Will look cute to boot in a home office and works well in this kind of environment also as it can even grow in artificial light and is fine with infrequent watering.

Dracaenas are drought tolerant, so you don’t have to water them very often. Depending on how much light this plant receives, it can be watered up to every three weeks! Keep in mind Dracaenas are sensitive to fluoride so it is always best to water them with distilled water if your tap water has high fluoride levels. I was given this Peace Lily from my friends when my grandma passed away and I have seen it growing new leaves and flowers for 18 months now.

Dragon plants don’t tend to cope well with mains tap water due to the added chemicals, so use a distilled or harvested rainwater instead. Aim to keep the soil moist but not waterlogged and mist frequently with warm water. Elegance personified, these are the graceful arcing palms that adorned Art Deco hotel foyers, tea rooms and danced halls. Native to Madagascar, they have distinctive smooth tipped branches and naturally cast a beautiful, dappled light. Thanks to these broad leaves, this plant – along with many other types of palm – excels at removing mold spores and ammonia from the air, making it perfect for bath and shower rooms. Their roots grow upwards and often become entwined around the plant’s trunk, forming interesting shapes.

Choose from the tall corn plant, which has interesting markings, or the rainbow plant, which comes in bright purple. Each kind has its own favorite environmental conditions, so look for a tag that comes with the plant or search online to find out how much sunlight and water it will need. We’ve pulled together a list of nine virtually indestructible plants. With a leaf color that ranges from green to purple, this plant would be a gorgeous addition indoors or outdoors. It would also fit right in at the office, as it can tolerate low light.

In the course of three days, the level of chloroform dropped by 82 percent, and after eight days, the level of benzene dropped by 75 percent. To maintain your plant’s health and give it the best chance for survival in its new container, water it thoroughly in the original pot before transplanting. Snip away any roots protruding from the drainage holes that might trap the plant in the container. You can place the babies in their own pot of soil while still attached to the mother plant. Give them to your friends or increase the plant life around your own space. When placed indoors, this popular annual is useful in removing benzene and providing mood-enhancing beauty to the home.

Plant up in pots and place on a high shelf or windowsill or display in hanging planters. Unlike many other indoor plants, they are also non-toxic for pets too. One well-known study regarding indoor plants and air quality was conducted by NASA in 1989.

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