Online Video Games and Friendship

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Online video games have become very popular with people of all ages and demographics. In fact, there are many that kids who do not even know the original meaning of video games can enjoy. This type of video game play has become so popular that it can be found on the Internet and in many different formats. There are dozens of websites that offer free online flash games for online play that can be enjoyed by anyone. Here are some of the things you may like to do while playing these types of games:

One of the things that is being studied in the field of human interaction is the way that various forms of media affect people. The current study of online video games is beginning to reveal how this type of media can cause people to develop different types of social norms. One of the effects of this phenomenon is the development of mediated social norms, where people are more likely to play certain types of online games that require more group interaction. This is because a person is playing an online video game and interacting with others within the same virtual world.

One of the most interesting areas of study that looks at this phenomenon is what happens when one begins to play an online game as a social activity. Does the human behavior towards these types of games change over time? One of the biggest areas of interest is how a person plays an online game as they become more engrossed in the game. It appears that as you get more into a particular game, the brain becomes dedicated to the gaming and begins to process it as a sort of “ritual” or “game” rather than a time-consuming activity. There is even a paper that was published online entitled “Gambling As a Social Activity: Implications for Meta-social Interaction Theory” which looked at how online gaming influenced aspects of social interaction.

In this study, participants were asked to play a game on their computer that allowed them to “choose” which kind of conversation they would have with others within the online gaming environments. What the researchers found was that there was a significant difference between those who participated in online gaming environments that fostered friendships and those who did not. Those who participated in online games that fostered friendships had significantly more socially competent offline friendships. Those who did not participate in the online environments were not as socially competent or capable in the online gaming environments. Click here for more information about

Is all this linked to online gaming in the way that it appears to be? The fact that social engagement became associated with playing video games may be related to people being engaged with computer mediated communication. It may be that those who participate in these types of forums and chat rooms are more likely to develop friendships. Those who are not familiar with these kinds of forums may not see the obvious benefits of friendship development from the games that they play. This is something that the google scholar, Kevinowers, wants to look more into. It is an interesting idea that has potential implications for online relationships, friendships, and even career choices.

There is some evidence that human behavior is shaped by internet use, particularly online gaming and socialization. The research that the folks at the google scholar did on internet use and social skills has some exciting potential bearing on the future of psychology. Does the work of Kevin Phillips and his colleagues have merit? They have made intriguing contributions to our understanding of human behavior, particularly online human behavior.

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