Preparing Your Roofing Business Marketing Materials

March 29, 2021 by No Comments

You’ve discovered the ideal company idea, now you’re ready to take the final step to making it successful. However, there’s more to launching a successful business than simply signing up with your local state government. Have put together this quick guide to beginning your new roofing business.

Once you’ve decided on a name for your new business, the next thing you want to do is to pick out a location. Look around your town or city and think of places people would use and enjoy if they had their roofs repaired. Also think of any special needs your area has, such as wheelchair accessibility. If you’re working in an area where special needs people may be under-served by a company, look into getting workers’ compensation insurance.

Now that you have a specific houston roofing companya in mind, you need to get started recruiting the staff members you’ll need. It may be tempting to simply set up some job postings in your local newspaper, but there are far more efficient ways to attract potential roofers. Check the Yellow Pages for roofing companies, or talk to friends who have recently worked with roofing companies. The goal here isn’t so much finding a roofing company to hire right away but rather gathering a small pool of potential candidates. You can use this list to create a resume, send out introductory letters, and call each of the potential candidates individually.

Now that you’ve got a shortlist of possible roofing contractors, contact each one to learn about the work they’ll be doing. You should ask how long they’ve been working on roofs, the quality of their work, what certifications they hold, and whether you can schedule a free quote. Keep in mind that different roofing companies have different philosophies and priorities. Some may be more comfortable with using non-certified technicians, for example.

Once you’ve gathered a small pool of potential candidates, write down your top performers. If you’re targeting a younger group of workers’ compensation insurance eligible individuals, offer the workers’ compensation insurance company a referral fee. Some roofing business owners even charge a per-contract fee for a specified period of time. By targeting your marketing toward a particular group of workers, you can ensure that you meet your financial goals.

When you’ve written a strong proposal, narrowed your choices down to a handful of potential contractors, met with each one, and gotten some initial work contracts, you’re ready to launch your advertising campaign. Advertising online and in print, you should include information about the cost of the roofers’ services, the benefits of working with this contractor, special offers, and your unique vision for transforming your home or business’s roof. You can also include an outline of your timeline, including time frames for beginning the job, how long it will take to complete the work, and what to expect afterward. For example, do you plan to have the roofers bring in all of the materials or would you prefer to have them bring only certain materials in at a time? Be sure to include specific details about the quality of this business’s work and what sets it apart from other roofing businesses in your area.

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