What is the Karambit Bamboo Knife?

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The karambit or kharambit korambit or korambik is an ethnic Indonesian knife resembling a hook in shape with a flat edge. It is used for cutting, scooping and skinning meat. The name karambit comes from the term kerambeit meaning “little finger”. The blade is broad and flat with a pointed tip.

The name was given to the knife after its discovery in the tomb of the Great Sukur Emperor Muhtadhambu at Sukur, Indonesia in the early 1970s. The early type of knife was made of wood. It had a single edged blade and was not used for slicing. As the knife gained popularity among the people, production moved to incorporate a steel blade into it. The new model incorporated a clip point into its design, which facilitated easy storing. However, the majority of knives of this type now come in carbon steel, as they are stronger and more resistant to corrosion. You can get more information about free karambit.

The name kerambit is derived from “kerambei” (meaning “little finger”) the way it is held in one hand. Before the modernization of the knife, the blade was gripped in two hands and operated by both hands. This was done to facilitate striking or chopping motion. In this method, the dominant hand would hold the handle of the knife with the thumb and fingers facing each other. With the modern type of knife, the handle is grasped by the pinky finger of the right hand while using the index and middle fingers of the left hand. The advantage of this is that it facilitates an equally effective chopping and piercing motion.

In Indonesia, the karambit is primarily a barak or cleaver. Like the cleavers of Malaysia and Thailand, the Indonesian version has a blade that is double edged. Traditionally, it was used for splitting or throwingammock seeds. It was also used in early times to amputate the limbs of animals and birds. As time passed, the karambit became more popular and was used for other purposes, including hunting, opening coconuts and other fruits with a single blow from the knife. These days, however, it is primarily used for opening bags and other things that require opening with the assistance of a lever.

As a knife, the karambit is straight and small. It has a tapered, flat blade that is tapered at the tip. The flat blade is very efficient when chopping, slicing and dicing foods. The tip of the knife does not make contact with the food during chopping or handling.

In Indonesia, the karambit is still primarily used for open-heart carving. However, due to globalization and mass production, karambit knives are being used for other purposes. Some countries such as Thailand use the karambit as a substitute for a regular chef’s knife. As of now, there is no clear evidence whether the karambit is truly from Java or not.

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